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Fleiks, 46 years old


Friends describe me as kind, spiritual, and intelligent. INFJ. Neuroscientist, passionate about uncovering mysteries of the mind and the brain, developing cures for brain injuries. Believe in doing good and personal growth. Positive energies of any sort capture my attention :) In shape, look under 40, excellent health. Immigrated to the USA from Odessa when I was 16. Currently live/work in Connecticut, not far from NYC.


Searching for a best friend and life partner to build a family with. Someone who appreciates depth but can also be silly and knows how to have fun:), and for whom empathy is a familiar feeling. I am Jewish, so also looking for Jewish.

My interests

Enjoy either silly or deep conversations, as long as there is chemistry and energy flows. Favorite vacation involves beach and swimming, but exploring is also fun. Good at ping-pong. Meditate.


Age46 years old


Marital statusdivorced


LocationUnited States, Connecticut, Hartford

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Appearence & character

SmokingI don't smoke

AlcoholI drink occasionally

Children.I have and want more



Hair colorblack

Eyes colorbrown

Find of movie action, comedy, romantic comedy, psychological, s-f, fantasy, war, thiller, adventure, romance, travel, melodrama, costume, historical, family movie, cartoon, Musical, popular science, Documentary

Vacation in my city, in my country, outside my country, in mountains, by the sea side, exploring new places, active, at home

Select your style. Traditional, sophisticated

I can communicate in russian, english, hebrew

What are you looking for? marriage